The principal activity of our enterprise is to provide three main services: Engineering, Production and Assembling.

We can divide our work into the following stages:

  • Receiving and analysing new or existing structural projects from our customers for making best price offers.
  • Defining the service in which our customer is interested: Engineering, Production, Assembling or all together.
  • Prepare price offer according to chosen services.
  • Presenting the price offers to the clients – we present the most favourable and the most suitable solution to produce the products stated in the request. The offer includes information on shipping, quality, logistics, technical conditions, etc. Additionally, all clients are welcome to visit the selected factory with our agent.
  • Performing the contract – all the contract works are strictly coordinated according to agreed delivery therms and conditions.
  • Technical consultation – in the process of production both parties are assisted in respect to possible problems/questions.
  • Coordinating the project – constant supervision, mapping, and control of the process. Weekly production reports are delivered to the clients, which also include photos provided by our local project managers to provide further view on the actual state of production stages. Additionally, the clients may separately order further quality control regarding different technical parameters. See “quality control”.
  • Supply and logistics – different supply conditions are offered/executed (land, water, rail). See “logistics”.
  • Assembling: Assembling works are made by highly skilled and sertified specialists. Safe, Fast and cost efficient assembling are main points for our work in a site. All works are made according to HSE bases and regulations.