Quality control

During delivery period of ordered constructions/machines SCM offers to our clients possibility to order additional quality control services.

These are:
  1. Non-Destructive Testing:
    • UT- ultrasonic testing
    • RT- radio-graphic testing
    • MT- magnetic particle testing
    • VT- visual testing
    • LT- leakage testing
    • PT- penetration testing
  2. Destructive Testing:
    • TT- tensile tests
    • IT- Sharp impact tests
    • BT- bending tests
    • FLT- flattening tests
    • FT- fracture tests of welds
    • HBT, HVT- Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell hardness tests (in the laboratory and at the client’s site)
    • MGT- metallographic inspections (macroscopic, microscopic, with and without preparation of test coupon)
    • ETCH- etching test of metal coat
    • CA- chemical and carbide analysis of metals and alloys