We also offer our clients the possibility to separately order the designing of different constructions. In this field we cooperate with the leading companies functioning in the sphere, which have wide-ranging and versatile experiences in mechanical engineering as well as in designing building constructions.

In our projects we use leading 3D software such as:
  • Tekla
  • AutoCAD
We can divide the layouts we design roughly into two categories:
  • Complete designing of products/constructions – this includes all activities needed to design products (calculating the weight, pressure, load capacity; general 3D layouts of the projects; detail drawings, etc.)
  • Production drawings – based on the client’s layout we make designs needed for production (mainly based on Tekla and/or CAD layouts).
Due to our wide-ranging outsourcing network we are able to offer projects, which include design and production, as well as installation at the client’s location. We mainly use two types of solutions to carry out such projects:
  • The whole project is ordered from one sub-contractor, who is able to provide competitive conditions and desired quality for all stages of the project.
  • The design is ordered form one sub-contractor and the production/installation from another.
Our sub-contractors of this field have long-time experience in designing large constructions and possess knowledge on the peculiarities of production, which altogether could be regarded as a guarantee to our clients. Thus we are able to offer quick and well-tried solutions for various industrial, sport, and other long-span buildings/settings. Supported by our experience we help the client to move from vision to the completed project with the minimum waste of time, at the same time guaranteeing the suitability of the chosen solution.